Monday, March 30, 2009

Orders from Headquarters


More and more I am thinking that we are either in, or rapidly approaching a phase-change.  It might not happen, but I am giving odds at 4:1 for the phase change. 

Oh, I know that y’all think that I am waffling with the odds thing.  Here in tin foil hat land, one must scream with absolute certainty about these things, but, I have been too wrong too many times to have any faith whatsoever in my infallibility.

So anyway, there is a 20% chance of us being able to pull out of the nastiness.  But is depends on some pretty damn weak reeds.   Those reeds are the national politicians in the G20. 

Cuz’ you see, it will require a concerted effort by everyone to stop the slide.  Every country will have to take a huge hit and we here in the good old USA will have to eat more s#^% than the others, after all, it is the group of thieves who have hijacked this country who started the whole mess.

What I am hoping for is that somehow the leaders of the G20 will come together and come up with a real plan.  One that recognizes that fault needs to be laid, punishment meted out, and then left alone.  That errors in judgment were made and too much greed was let run free.  That the Davos-style greed and arrogance led us down a primrose path and we must return to simplicity and brotherhood and care for our neighbor.  That beggar-thy-neighbor is wrong-headed and will lead to worse outcomes.

OK, OK, maybe the odds are  bit lower than what I stated, but I can hope can’t I?


Publius said...

I like the "phase change" idea. You are, I believe, trained in the sciences. I studies biology and genetics.

It seems that we are in a local minima, but the chaos and turbulence is about to bounce the ball up and out, and we have no idea where the next stable configuration will be.

Let's hope it has more to do with cooperation and brotherly love, than war and competition.

Mayberry said...

HA! All the "G20" will do is brainstorm up more ways to tax us peons into serfdom! It's a meeting of socialists/communists that would make Marx proud.... Phooey! I have ZERO faith in any of these so called "leaders". Sheesh, Lord Obammy's entourage will cost more than 12 Average Joes earn in a lifetime! Haven't any of these clowns ever heard of video conferencing??!!! I bet after they've laid the "carbon footprint" of the entire state of New Jersey for this little shindig, they'll tell us all that we need to ride busses and turn off the air conditioning!!!! What a crock. Oh, and I had to reach REAL deep to type "phooey" instead of what I really wanted to say.......

Publius said...

Mayberry: I hear your anger on the Imperial entourages and exorbitance. That's where we are at, as a nation.

Locally, though, we need to form a new way of life. That must be based on cooperating and helping each other out - not as a form of socialism dictated from above (or below), but as a voluntary decision to depend on, and help, our neighbors. Because such a new Localism would destroy the current global economic system, it will be opposed with all the might that the Federal government can throw at it. Example: the small-scale, locally handcrafted toy industry was just put out of business by the new law that mandates expensive testing for toys.
The excuse: to protect our children from lead in toys from China.
The resultBig Chinese and American companies can afford to jump through the hoops, while the small toy makers are driven out of business. This just happened - my wife went to the local store that sold such beautiful wooden toys. The shelves were bare.

Next garden of the fascists: small, local agriculture. See the bill being considered, HR 875.

The Masked Philosopher said...

All hope gets you is disappointment. Much better to keep your head down and tend your own plot, as it were.

Shy Wolf said... what we're 'seeing' is either 'go with the IMF global currency and keep our heads tucked neatly between our butt-cheeks', or, 'go with being an American and get your head handed to you by the rest of the world'.
Not a choice for me. I'm going with America, to hell with the rest of the world until we get America back on her feet. Even if it takes Isolationism, screw the world.
I know: sounds real stupid to think the world will let us do that without going to war. Big deal: there are two countries the whole world hates and would love seeing eradicated: the United States and Israel. So, screw the world before it screws us.
This country needs a good revolution to get the PTB back on the right track. If the rest of the world wants to butt its head in, we can arrange to hand them their heads, too.
After all, it isn't like we are being treated like either human beings with rights or Americans, anyway, so screw the sonsofbitches.
Let's get our gardens and small businesses going, set up some trade system and quit this bending over.
Gee, Masked...let's just hide our heads in the sand. When all you have left is hope, you'd may as well go for broke.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Oh, all that is moulded of iron
Has lent to destruction and blood
But the things that are honored of Zion
Are, most of them, wood.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

BY the way, on your comment on my garden post:

No need to post this one, but I spent several hours digging a bed and planting potatoes, and the other veggies are next.

I don't agree with everything I post, just hopefully provoking some thought--the screenshot for that one is from the movie Idiocracy--great flick, check it out!

Do you remember when i was the lurker I posted a nasty little bit about the psychology of Preppers?

Seems to me, the search for a tribe is carefully destroyed by meaningless, traditional differences. The Remnant will need to pull together, not be puppets for various worthless factions.

Thanks for your 2 cents on the Mayberry thing!

Mayberry said...

Well said Publius, I completely agree. But will never allow it, because it would starve the beast. We will be forced to fight for what we believe in.....