Friday, March 13, 2009

Requiem for a deleted article

Had an article all queued up and ready, then made the mistake of giving it one final read through.  Thank God for delete functions

Folks, sometimes I am one crabby old man.   I have to be careful to not let that particular note spread too far through the blog.  Because mostly I have to keep a good temper about things that I can have no effect upon.  I have to focus on the things that I can do.

Oh granted, a good bit of bitching and whining is good for the soul if if it is balanced.  But sometimes if you are just bitchin’ to bitch, you gotta shut it off.  Try and remember that the best bitching is done from the top of a barstool, drink in hand, taking your turn when the lead complainer role is passed from friend to friend, down the line.

Then the next morning, you get up and go back to work so that you can make a small impact for good in the world.  Sometimes it won’t be much, but it will be there. 

Gotta finish my tea and get going, its 4:45 and the day calls.


Gather ye marbles said...

Well done: there's too little self-editing online. Every other blogger's a drunk at a barstool. This internet today! I shake my curmudgeonly fist at all the negativity.

Publius said...

Hey, Mr. Degringolade:
Love your blog.
You exude a kind of wisdom and hope to balance your complaining and gloom... very good us perhaps slightly younger prepper-types. (I'm not sure of your age, just guessing from clues here and there).

Keep up the good work.
Did you get a turntable yet? If you find anything local on Craiglist,I'd be happy to advise you on what is good (gratis, of course).

Mayberry said...

As of late, there are all to many reasons for crabosity... Happy will be the day when one can find no reason to bitch. Meanwhile, the chair upon which I sit might as well be a barstool, and I most certainly am sippin' on a cold one. Bitch away 'Gringo, it does one no good to keep it locked up inside.....