Monday, March 2, 2009



Remember 33-1/3 records?  The full albums?  YesSongs, Steve Miller Anthology, Dark Side of the Moon?

Remember going out and spending $8-$15 dollars on a new album (when $8 to 15 was a days work) and taking it home, calling your friends and all of you sitting down to listen to the whole thing?   Remember the pleasure of peeling off the shrink wrap and putting it on the turntable, not sure at all what you would be hearing.  Remember dissecting the album and how some of the songs sucked at first and after a bit the grew on you and then became your favorites.

I kinda miss that.  Maybe a turntable is in order. 

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Publius said...

I really like your blog - go to it everyday, along with some others. Have my own blog, too.

I'm also an audiophile and vinyl enthusiast. I have way too many turntables for my wife's comfort... if you are looking for a good one, I have a Thorens 160, Dual 1219, Sony PS X600, Revox B795, etc.

My vinyl/tube amp addiction is the one thing that worries me in our current economic collapse situation. Will I be forced to abandon my my collection? I'm actually planning to triage my records and equipment and pre-move some of it to a safer location. Sounds crazy, but heck - don't we need art, music, and beauty in the coming world?

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Take it easy.