Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Theft of what?


I have been thinking a lot about bailouts, money losses, theft, and all the other unpleasant thoughts that occur when one reads the headlines or listens to the yammering on the television or radio.

But just now, an unpleasant thought has just went through my head.  The whole thing is a shell game.  Fast hands moving the shells around so quickly that we lose track of what we are trying to follow.

Folks, we are broke.  Period.  The “assets” that we are buying are worthless.  We are buying them with money of no value. 

All that is happening here is some folks think that what they are getting will be worth something.  It won’t…what’s the problem.

We are at the endgame.  It is that really crappy point where you are too stinking proud to push your king over and concede, so you let the rook and the bishop push you inexorably back to checkmate.

So, my feeling is to suck it up.  The money is gone.  The system is broke.  Time to get on with thinking about the way up while the idiots figure out that they are beat. 

Might as well crack a beer and watch the antics


Stephanie in AR said...

One of dh's relatives said that if you never held it in your hand (money/profits) it didn't exist. First thoughts are to argue no, its my retirement and this statement - but it was never in our hands, it never existed. Hard to admit, if it really existed would the governement have so many rules for withdrawing your own money from an account? Winner takes it all, loser's bound to fall. Is it a good thing that low men don't have as far to fall?

Shy Wolf said...

I'll take one of those beers, Deg. Thank you.
Did you shoot the picture posted? Excellent shot.

Mayberry said...

That's a pretty good way to lok at it. Once the fed started monetizing the debt, it was over. Depression time. Just waiting for the crooks to admit it. As less and less countries are willing to buy our "securities", monetization will be the only way "out". Hyper-inflation is right around the corner......

Natog said...

I hope history shows who was moving the shells. I'm not big on the NWO stuff, but I'd like to be able to tell my grandkids who screwed me over so they can put up more of a fight then the sheeple did.

treesong said...

Stephanie in AR's family and mine must be related because I recall hearing my maternal grandma say the same thing! She was talking to my mother about the evils of mom getting her first credit card. Another thing she said was, "If you're getting something without paying up front for it; how many times do you suppose that has happened along the way? And how many people do you think are in debt for some imaginery thing as a result?"

Those words sometimes haunt me now.