Saturday, March 7, 2009

The unbearable oddness of being

(Front Note: I had almost finished this article when I read this one. It is actually much better articulated than mine. Damn. Thanks Bob O’Brien for writing it so well and thanks CKMichaelson for pointing it out to me)

It is difficult sometimes to ignore the very real desire to crawl into an insulated cocoon of work/home/sleep and by doing so to ignore the world. I am living in a country where a cartel of bankers controls the government and the people who are my neighbors and friends are being relegated to the time-honored status of serfdom.

A peculiar apathy takes me sometimes. “What the hell”, I say to myself, things aren’t really so much going bad as returning to normal. But the path back to normal is going to be paved with all kinds of unsavory things. The wealth of country is going to be looted by the nobility of greed and the lives of our children will be returned to the normal impoverishment of the masses. We will be the backs that will build the new Versailles and the coins that could feed and educate our children will pay for the new Sistine chapels with a new and improved Denarii Sancti Petri.

We will argue about the oh-so-obvious pack of lies bellowed by democratic party versus the oh-so-obvious pack of lies shrieked by the republicans. It is not so much a debate as a deliberate distraction in order for the assassins to line up the crosshairs.

We will continue to knowingly elect officials with histories of screwing us over because they lard the looting with enough “jobs” for our little slice of hell. We will rant and complain, but most will in the end comply because the myth of our “American Exceptionalism” and the sacredness of our “Constitution” and our “American Way of Life” will blind us.

We are now being looted. The accumulated treasures from our rape of the financial world following the Second World War is being taken from us by the uberclass. When I started this blog, I had kinda hoped that maybe it would open some eyes. But the eyes are still firmly closed. It would even appear now that the feet are drumming on the ground, the fingers are in the ears, and a singsong “la la la” is being voiced.

Oh well, it was just money.

Time to get back to work


Bustednuckles said...

I been pretty busy and have not had any time for checking out my usual reads.
Is it me, or did you reformat the place?
And, I don't see any comments being enabled on your latest post. I like what you do, you are intelligent and thought provoking.
Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards grind ya down.
Illegitimus, non carborandum, I think is how it went.


Publius said...

You are so right, so right.
I warned my brother back in October to get out of the market when the DOW was 10,000 or so. When I told him it would probably drop to 7000 or 6000, he laughed. He accused me of being anti-American. He still does.

This past week, however, he had to have an emergency endoscopy - he had horrible stomach pain, and was spitting up blood. He's only 38.

Turns out, he has an ulcer. Could it be the stress of knowing what is going in, deep inside, but being unable to admit it? I really believe my own brother is a proto-fascist, because he has basically suggested I should leave the USA for critiquing the political and economic system.

I.e., my own brother is a little prick.

It's really hard to find people to depend on in times like these - I have one friend who is trying to prepare, but his wife, like mine, is not quite on board, you might say. I am starting to realize that, since I have a child, I have to become more... patriarchal. In the good way.