Sunday, April 12, 2009



The Barak and Nancy show ran up a 192.27 billion deficit  in March.  For the first six months of the fiscal year (remember, the feds go from October to October), the piper has run up a bill of 956.8 billion.  Lets be conservative and assume that they will not go up faster, but just keep at the same level of spending.  192.27 times 6 is 1.153 trillion.  When you add this with what we have run up thus far, you are looking at around 2.1 trillion in the hole for this year.  Wow.

Now every politician says that he won’t raise taxes.

Every person I know can’t afford more taxes.

There are a whole buttload of folks and businesses out there who aren’t paying taxes because they aren’t making any money

Tax revenues are going down

We are in the hole for 2 trillion this year.

Am I missing something?



Mayberry said...

The beginning of the end is all......

Scott said...

"Am I missing something? Hmmmmm"
"remember, the feds go from October to October"
Which means, it's the BUSH budget till October 2009! Including the March deficit.
You folks are idiots.
President Obama's FIRST budget doesn't go into effect until October 2009.
Which means ALL TAXES paid April 15 are BUSH TAXES.
Remember that at your tea bag parties, you idiots.

Degringolade said...


You have a point. Thank you. However, your point is not as clean edged as you seem to believe. The October-October does encompass the remainder of the Bush budget. Thanks for that clarification.

However, let us not for a moment think that this budget number does not include a great deal of supplemental spendind forced into the system by the Reid/Pelosi/Obama triumvirate.

While this administration and congress did not start the current spending party, I think that we can safely say that they have not at all been lax at keeping the party going.

PS: I decided against the tea bag myself. Another point of agreement