Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blue Magoo


Well, the week off with the boys did not work out the way that I had it planned.  I had envisioned three or four days of going outside, hiking a bit, working in the garden, just all kinds of good stuff.

What I got was four solid days of 38-42 degree blustery rain.  Now, for those of you who don’t come from this end of the clear cut, that spells depression up here.  There is nothing that soaks through to the bone faster than cold rain.

So, we hung out and read a bunch, played some computer games (I am pleased to announce that I now find World of Warcraft boring and am letting my subscription expire).  I did a bit of cleaning and tossing of crap, just rested and refitted. 

Read a bit about the state of the world.  This is an interesting time, things are quiet, but mostly I hear a fuse burning.  I have no idea what size bomb it is, I have no idea how long the fuse it.  Just a fuse burning.

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Mayberry said...

The burning fuse is a recurring theme in the blogosphere, and other sources today. I know I can feel it.....