Thursday, April 16, 2009

Both of these Statements are True

alfranken_headshot_web rush-limbaugh

  1. Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot.
  2. Al Franken is is a mean-spirited little prick.

Yet look at the effect that these “performers” have on our day to day lives.

The political culture of the US is a poorly staged bunch of self-absorbed performers with no direction or accountability.

They do not require obedience.  They certainly don’t deserve our respect

They need to be shown the door.


Mockum said...

Your conservative bias is showing. I'm not a fan of either, but Franken and Limbaugh are completely different. No Democrat has ever publicly kowtowed to Franken. Franken is stepping away from the sidelines and is getting into the game. Franken has had negible impact on anything in this country except for some SNL skits long ago. Glenn Beck has had far more impact just in the last two months.

I completely agree with your sentiment. Limbaugh, Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Scarborough, and Malkin all need to be retired.

Mayberry said...

In a word.... Yup! Frankenstein is a lunatic, and Limbaugh is a corporate shill. Though Limbaugh is at least entertaining......

I don't get the whole celebrity worship thing. Nor do I get the "authority" thing. Nobody ranks higher than me except God. Nobody has any right to tell me what I can or can't do except God. People are all flesh and blood, they all pull their britches on the same way every mornin', but why some people make others quake in their boots, or stare in star struck wonder is beyond me. Those folks ain't no different......

Mayberry said...

"Limbaugh, Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Scarborough, and Malkin all need to be retired."

Your liberal bias is showing.... Franken is a socialist piece of crap. I don't want to see his "impact" on this country!

Degringolade said...


I am afraid I have to disagree. While I am right leaning, I really do not feel I have a bias toward conservatism. I would think that my desire for a nationalized health care system would put paid to that idea.

As for Franken...SNL was his start, His writing career (hence the big fat idiot allusion) and his stint on Air America would prove his game has been up the whole way.