Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am cheering for this woman:

I pray that she will be able to stop the looting of the Summers/Geithner abortion.  I ain’t holding my breath, but I am most certainly rooting for her.

You go girl.

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Gather ye marbles said...

Agreed. Makes me think of a cogent but not too Michael Moore-ish documentary (the name of which I forget) I saw on on PBS awhile back, in which the host went to various non-US developed nations to report on their health care systems, speaking to doctors, patients etc. There was good and bad in each, but for all he asked: How many people in your country go bankrupt each year because of their health care costs? And the answer was always: None, we don't let that happen here. And the host asked one of the architects of Taiwan's fairly new (founded 1995) national health program: Did you look at other countries' health care systems, when developing yours? Yes, we looked at Japan's, Canada's, Switzerland's etc., and learned a lot from them. And what about the USA? He replied, we looked at the USA but concluded they don't have a health care system, they have a health care marketplace.