Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nut Job…No Nut Job


Us folks the tin-foil hat crowd are kind of difficult to pin down.  There are some folks who belong smack dab in the mainstream and who have arrived at the land of beans and ammo by a fairly circuitous route.  There are also some serious nutjobs out there who are concerned about things that I can only describe charitably as “unique” or “novel”.

So the DHS has started to get worried about the idea that nineteen returning vets have joined “right wing” organizations.  Wow nineteen!!  These guys may need our hats more than we do.  The aliens have obviously used mind control.

The trouble is that the DHS doesn’t say what organizations these folks have joined.  KKK, Dittoheads, the Republican Party…whatever?  I am thinking that perhaps it means the folks that come back and don’t immediately start paying their Democratic party dues.

So, what you have to look here is at the subtext of the whole matter.  Us tin foil hatters be bad people in the eyes of the true believers that BHO has used to populate the government.  We don’t have the necessary suspension of disbelief required for “hope”.  We don’t really want to hold hands and sing kumbaya and visualize world peace.  We want to get to work and be left alone.  So when the newly minted vets come back and don’t want a thing to do with the folks in government, they must be considered a threat.

So, don’t be too surprised that the new PTB rag at you.  But don’t fret too much…very soon they will have much bigger fish to fry.

And…I am putting up this link again to allow you the most recent cutting edge research into our most prevalent characteristic

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Mayberry said...

I liked the "study". Too funny.....