We Rotate Our Tyrants


We have a odd set of these critters nowadays. Used to be tyrants were kinda predictable, they beat the crap out of anyone who opposed them, taxed the piss out of anyone who remained, and generally lived a fairly interesting life as an unloved despot. But, they didn’t really care what the little folks thought, as long as they toed the line.

Now we have the happy face tyrants in charge. They are dead set on assuring that enough of the industrial sludge that is equated with “civilization” is showered on us plebs. They are working tirelessly to provide more stuff to us so we won’t take the time to notice that we aren’t particularly happy. The tyrants now are the Grey men, those soulless beings that accrue the subtle power of a small part of the state and use it to enforce obedience and to accomplish their own goals.

You see, right now readers of this guild are probably thinking that I speak of Obama. Not in the slightest. He is nothing in this world. A handsome man with polished sentences is not our enemy. But never doubt for a moment that he is a distraction. The tyrants which I speak of are Geithner and Summers and their ilk who are the bought and paid for hit-men of the corporations. They are creatures of the corporate monsters who are sucking the lifeblood from the country. But in order for their true masters to continue sucking the gravy, they have to make sure that we have enough spare change to buy our salad shooters and our flat screens.

But we are a fairly odd oppressed. Most or out countrymen are content to let the happy-face tyrants run the show. Eighty percent of the folks around you are still employed and the gas for the SUV is still reasonable. We are just now catching onto the concept that we might want to have a little bit salted away.

So right now we are sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think that it isn’t time to get all twisted and take off prematurely. Hell, maybe we can even figure a way around this mess. But still listen carefully to the folks who are out there screaming bloody murder. They are probably a lot closer to the truth than the well-coiffed corporate whores who read the news to you in the evening.


Mockum said…
Yes! Yes! I think you get it: government is not the root of the problem; it's the greedy corporations. The corporations, in their greed, seek to alter everything and anything to enable them to make even more money. Manipulating the government and its regulations is a big component.

Plus the corporations are constantly looking for new sources of revenue. The government is an incredibly large source of revenue.
Dorcas' Daddy said…
Mockum, you totally don't get it.

We have an empire and the way we distribute the spoils is our inherently unstable, unfair monetary system.

You are only being screwed by the corporations in that your share of the spoils is less than others--you still receive far more out of the system than you could ever hope to put in.

Our financial system is much more polite and friendly than blatant oppression.

Just don't for a minute think you're one of the victims, you are, at least to date, unquestionably one of the victors, as all of us in the USA are.

The government has money only in that we print it for other nations in return for actual goods and services. The corporations are the channel through which that money is funneled to you.
Degringolade said…

Yours may be an extreme point of view. Doesn't mean it is wrong however.

I do agree that our "opression" is quite relative. We are just pissed that the pie that we stole isn't being divided up into what we consider "equitable" piece.

But, Life is good right now. I don't think that it will last though