Monday, May 4, 2009

Coffee in hand

I guess that I am burned out at the constant harping of the doomers. This is difficult as I am one of the same. But the truth just sits there.

In a sense, one must go back to the fable of the little boy who cried wolf. Yes, the story has been beaten to the ground, but it is time to beat it up one more time. I am not going to harp on the obvious, but instead go to the point of view of the villagers who ignored the little creep.

We put the watchers out so that we can try to do all the necessary things. We know that there is bad shit out there, but we have to go to our jobs and tend our gardens. Because if we spent all our time watching for the big bad wolf (BBW) we wouldn't get anything useful done.

We have corporate media and bloggers now as the little boys keeping their eyes peeled for sheep. The bloggers are all looking for hits to make some point and even perhaps (gasp, sigh) be interviewed on the mainstream media. The mainstream media would sell their mother into a Burmese whorehouse for a 1-percent ratings increase. What causes these hits and rating increases is telling folks how shitty things are.

So here we sit, getting told on a daily basis how TEOTWAWKI is the day after tomorrow. We have used the information to take off down a unique path.

I am thinking that maybe we should sit back for a bit and ponder the implications of all of this. There was a reason not to pay a great deal of attention to the little bastard.

But the wolves are still out there.

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hilljack33 said...

I am tired of it myself. I have no desire to blog any longer. I don't even read the regular blogs much anymore.

So I hear ya. All you can do is prep and hope for the best and not worry about it....