Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prose I Can Only Dream About Writing

The Epicurian Dealmaker and Equity Private are a couple of my favorites on Saturday. I usually only update my RSS reader once a week and these guys always make the grade for excellent reading. They are witty and very well read. Their writing styles are a wonderful and they have a great ability to allow me insights into the workings of what is happening. Good, good stuff. I cannot compliment them enough. Please take the time to read both of them.

However, they have recently engaged in a bit of a shrieking hissy-fit/sissy boy slap fest over the goings on at the Chrysler takedown.

This is my comment: you guys need to spend more time at a NASCAR track and get over it. Get back to your writing and who gives a flying fuck which bit of folderol you see as out of bounds in the race to the bottom.

You see, this is just a race. Chrysler will never, ever be the same. A shitload of folks are going to be out some coin, big whoopee. Like that hasn't been happening everywhere of late. How they debone the carcass is about as important as whether Dale Ernhart Junior has a tendency of playing smash-em-up in the course of a race.

Cuz' the race is coming to an end. We are going to load the coolers back in the truck and head home for work on Monday. That is when we can crack wise about the race. It is the asshole next to you who describes the race in gritty detail while it is underway who is a pain in the ass.

So folks, grab a beer, watch the race, and make your bet how its gonna end, but stop your whiney "he was mean to me" crap.

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