Saturday, June 27, 2009


I absolutely read "Some Assembly Required Every Day". It is bread and butter to me. I enjoy the leads that this daily compendium of stories gleaned from the net gives me. Today however, the ordering of the articles gave me a giggle. I cut and pasted the following directly from SAR#178

Eating the Seed Corn: Ultimately, recessions don’t end without rising employment, meaning consumers with money to spend. If the credit card companies keep raising rates, any gains in income resulting from the Obama stimulus will be swallowed by more usurious gouging of the indebted.

Paper or Plastic? Credit card companies are charging off over 10% of their balances as increasing numbers of Americans cannot make their payments. The country charges much of what it buys - think about 10% of that not being paid for. Plastic coated shoplifting.

Just another example of a multifaceted problem with no simple solutions.

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