Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tests Prove Bad Kool Aid Being Served at the Boeing Leadership Center

Tests Prove Bad Kool Aid Being Served at the Boeing Leadership Center

From Aviation Week & Space Technology, 07/20/2009

Did I misunderstand this? Boeing decides to build an airplane having performance not previously achieved, using engines not yet built, claiming fuel specifics not yet attained, and constructed out of materials never before used for a similar purpose. It specifies a barrel-fuselage structure never before used on a large plastic airplane. It uses vendors not familiar with the material and designs using computer models that aren’t verified. It outsources nearly all work using vendors inexperienced with them and their processes.

It specifies an electrical system having three times the power of existing aircraft systems, designed using the wild frequency technique not previously used, operating at twice the voltage of previous airplanes, using a system designer who hadn’t previously designed such systems.

It guarantees to do this with top-level management that has never built an airplane or managed outsourcing, on a schedule never before achieved on a conventional airplane, and plans not to pay the vendors until the airplane is delivered.

What could possibly go wrong?

Aviation Week & Space Technology, 07/20/2009


Author:Stephen Incledon


Mayberry said...

The product of the lowest bidder! Boy do I feel safe now....

HermitJim said...

Glad I'm not flying soon! In fact, glad I'm not flying ANYTIME!