Friday, August 14, 2009

Constitoooshunal Dreems

A conservative vision of a perfect health care system.

Thanks to bodiciah t rentlord III


Mayberry said...

Well if the Constitution becomes but a dream, then we are all truly lost.... I just don't get why people come to the Land of the Free, then try to turn it into Europe, or worse.

tweell said...

Ah - misrepresentation and hyperbole, well done!
As a conservative, I want to put health care in the hands of individuals and their doctors. It comes down to trust. You may trust the government to take care of you. I have seen government health care, here (military and VA) and in other countries. I trust my doctor, who I have picked and built up a relationship with, to take care of the medical needs of my family. I do not trust lawyers and politicians to take care of such things.

wildrabbit said...

I suppose the jackals and vultures have put in their two cents worth, considering the first two commenters.

It's obvious the first hasn't done any research about how life is in Europe, or what exactly the Constitution covers. This isn't surprising considering the source. A "teabagger", indeed.

The second apparently has private insurance. Must be nice. My last employer fired me when I started using my group coverage when my heart acted up. Gotta love a "right to be fired" state.