Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting Stale

This isn't a rant, it is a ramble.

I for one hope that the Gotterdammerung that the folks who haunt the gloomy side of the blogosphere espouse never occurs.

I admit that I am not one of your run-of-the mill, garden variety preppers. I only have two weapons, I don't intend to bug out, and I am more concerned about organization after the fall than the desire to live through it at all costs.

But most of all, I would like to think that we will be able to muddle through and come to grips with a new world in a manner that doesn't require war or oppression. Granted, currently I would assign the probability of such an event as fairly low (<20%), but damnit, it does exist, so by-God, I am rooting for it.

I do read quite a bit of the hard-rights take on the current administration. In a sense, I here a lot of my Father's voice in the feelings coming out of this crew. Dad hated Franklin Delano Roosevelt with the same passion as a lot of folks who currently hate Obama. He sold the country out to the socialists was Dad's favorite cry. He gave away the show at Yalta. His Wife was a lesbian...yada, yada, yada.

I really think that we are in a point similar to the situation faced by Hoover and FDR combined. Big business gets incredibly greedy and fucks things up. Like Hoover, Obama is trying to placate the big business types, but he will fail. Then, like Roosevelt, he will tilt the country toward socialism in order to glue things back together.

I can't see how it can work any other way. I am not thrilled with the process, but more of the same "freedom" that allowed the big boys to rape us isn't the answer. Letting folks starve without help from the government isn't the answer. Dismantling our industry and shipping it overseas so that big business can fuck over some other country's citizenry in order to make stuff for us to buy isn't the answer. Allowing the big health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry the ability to craft "health reform" isn't going to work.

So, it is showtime for the left folks. I know that it stinks, but sometime the taste of medicine is bad. The only real opposition to the entrenched corporate interests that rule our country is the political left. If we are going to survive as a country, we must break the fascistic grip of the corporations. Allowing them more freedom won't do the job. I don't like it, but it isn't forever.

We have gone through this cycle many times. Jackson is still despised in business schools and economic classes. The Roosevelt family is still hated. But after each of these little interludes of despised socialism the country crept back through the spectrum of political will. And each of these little journeys (about 80 years, thank you Professor Kondratieff) allowed us fifty or so years where things were reasonably in balance. That is where we will start seeing some green shoots, but that period of time is about seven to twelve years away.

So, as much as all of us cringe and whine about it, it may be time to open our mouth, hold our nose, and take some really rancid, foul tasting medicine.


Mayberry said...

Uhhhh..... Nope.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Amen, excellent awesomeness--we have a winner!

wildrabbit said...


tweell said...

Sorry, but the bubble was aided and abetted by government. The big businesses that profited from the bubble and then got government cash on top (Goldman-Sachs, BofA for example) had their people in place in government positions taking care of them. Plenty of big businesses have gone down who didn't have that advantage. Why save AIG and not Bear Stearns? Well, Goldman-Sachs needed AIG to cover their bad bets, and Bernanke wanted his G-S stocks to keep their value.
As far as shipping our industry overseas goes, why did that happen? Lets look at the auto industry. Toyota and Honda make lots of money building cars in the US, where the big 3 are hurting, dead or zombified. The difference is the UAW. Do you really expect Government Motors to do well?

Americans are tops at productivity, but if you charge more than that productivity is worth, the jobs go elsewhere.

Chris said...

What I fail to understand is how the left has gotten this view that they are anti-corporate. No they aren't anti-corporate. They are just anti corporate that has sided with the republicans. They don't support oil and coal companies they support green energy companies.

They don't support military contractors they support big banks. They don't support the auto industry they support the insurance companies.

Think I am out of my mind? What exactly have they really done against corporate America so far? Are they still bailing out the banks with our money? Have they added the insurance companies to that bail out? Who received the bulk of the stimulus?

No the left is no different then the right. They just chose different industries to back.