Monday, October 12, 2009

The Color of Money

I think that what is happening is that the lens that we view the world through have become cracked of late.  The Weltanschauung that has served us for the last fifty years is breaking apart and we are trying desperately to paste it together so that we can finish off our lives in the luxury that we have become accustomed to.

You see, what is breaking apart is the idea that the methods of kings and empires should be used to maintain a sumptious lifestyle for a kumbaya mentality. This provision is being sustained with the country turning its back on the methods of  those who arrange for our gluttony, sloth, and and avarice.  I guess the lenses that we are trying to glue together are bifocals.

We have developed a country rife with a central contradiction;  in the past fifty years a partnership of the mercantilist corporations and the military have provided exceedingly well for a people who scorn the methods and philosophies of those who implement the largesse. Now the well is running dry, imperial overstretch is well into it's second decade and the guns and butter equation is looking pretty threadbare at this point.

So what we are facing now is the beginning of the resolution of the contradictions that we have created in our society.  If we are to accept a kumbaya lifestyle, we will have to accept a radically simpler lifestyle with serious constraints on the freedom of the individual.  Simply put, a McMansion with a filled two car garage and world peace cannot be reconciled.

If we choose to continue our current lifestyle, we will have to become a warrior nation.  We will have to lose our distaste for kicking peoples ass and taking what we wish.  


Mayberry said...

People have become too fat and lazy to become a "warrior nation". Too soft in the head as well. I see folks trimming back big time, and I expect that trend to continue. We will return to the simpler life out of pure necessity. Now if the government would just leave us alone, and let us get to it....

Publius said...

The only moral choice would be a life of simplicity, hard-work, and honest labor while avoiding war except when it comes to us.
A sturdy, humble, honest republic with lots of teeth. Kind of like a hedgehog.

I don't think the American sheeple will be able to do either, though: they won't accept a downscaled "lifestyle", nor will they be willing to risk death in an honest if barbaric effort to maintain what they have.

End result: neo-fascism, decay, mass civil unrest, dissolution.
Let's hope that smaller republics can arise in the ashes. Everyone who is reading these types of blogs should be preparing to be part of the rebuilding effort.

tweell said...

Glad to see you back!

I am a retired warrior, but fear the possibility of an American Empire. We could become that, even as the Romans did.