Friday, October 30, 2009

Just a question for your perusal

We rage on about the Fed and the congress and the supreme court and the president and all the other crap. 

We wonder about wall street and the plutocrats and the global economy.

I am really starting to wonder if our time is being wasted by thinking about this crap.  We have no effect on it, it is a game being played far above our heads, and it detracts from our concentration and thus the ability to make the changes in our own lives.

Not really certain about this.  Just a thought


Anonymous said...

Trouble is that what they do does affect us in our daily life. We just have to maintain focus on the things we can change.

Publius said...

I completely agree. I have stopped spending much time on the Fed, banks, and nature of the elite game, and started focusing almost exclusively on things that I can control: gardening, the three b's, learning, prepping, etc.

Meadowlark said...

Our time is being wasted.

They do not care about us. They care about themselves.

My biggest "proof" in this? They keep us in a state of "us versus them". As long as we are busy fighting between ourselves (Dems/Repubs) then we cannot band together against THEM. They know it and they feed the fire, then sit back and enjoy the shadows while we burn ourselves out with that old argument.

Sigh. :(

HermitJim said...

I guess maybe we should rethink our least I should.

If I can't drive, guess I'll just have to enjoy the ride!

Wyn Boniface said...

I think that sometimes, and then I see something new out of the blue. I was walking around and saw a Gadsden Flag flying at this one home the block over form me. I then notice the 3% going viral, and the Oathkeepers getting slammed by the GOP. I have also noticed more people are starting to notice that the two party political machine is really an oligarchy scam. I to sometimes think meh scrap it, but then things like the above happen, and I keep going.