Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Moment in Time

Whether or not we are going through a generational event such as the depression or a mere downturn on the way to a glorious future should not make a difference to a prepper.

The reason that I came to this conclusion is that a lot of the folks out there that I read are acting like the world is gonna end this next week. I think that this is a silly thought, to be placed up there with UN taking over the US and free unlimited power from flying saucers.

You see guys, if the s does htf, all your preps are really going to do is allow you time to think and react.  They will not make you the new lord on the hill, dispensing justice and living large.  They will not allow you to fight off hordes of mutant zombie bikers.  They will just give you time to think.

The future is a dicey affair.  For all of my whining and dire forecasts, my crystal ball is as murky as the rest of them.  I like the old greek thoughts that we back into the future, that our sight is limited to the past.

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