Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pathos of Air Travel

We have devoted a large segment of our energies and creating a "tourism" industry.  To put it bluntly, this is the biggest crock of shit that western culture has come up with.

You see, what it turns out to be for the most part is the rich white folk (and lets be honest, the rich yellow folk) have an outlet for their surplus money.  So they put up overpriced hotels in odd places, replete with cabana boys, hookers, cheap booze and tourist traps.  You see, if you spend all your time going other places, you maybe won't notice all the pathetic compromises that have made to impoverish your life while fattening your bank account.

The other horn of the stupidity was the business traveller.  This is the scummy fucker who brought us globalism to fatten his own wallet.  Travelling was mostly done because they are such slimy bastards that they had to get well away from where they live in order to get anyone to do business with them.

Boeing and Airbus have been doing land office business selling planes to service this travesty.  Planes that gobble precious natural resources and spew hydrocarbons and CO2 into the upper atmosphere where it can do the most harm.

Airlines are the beginning and end of the idiocy. serially creating pre-failed business plans in marathon planning sessions conducted in the executive bathroom.  Can anyone think of an airline (other than that odd bus company, southwest airlines) that has a viable business plan.

At the end of the day, the whole industry of getting lots of folks somewhere else in a plane was always collective idiocy.  I for one will not weep when it does finally die.


Publius said...

Now we're fellow travelers again!
I've hated the airline industry, airports, the bullshit and ineffective invasive security regimes, and most tourists and "attractions" forever.
I'd rather stay in my home city or state and go fishing or read a book or garden than go to Disneyland or some other sucker magnet.
I can't believe the airlines are still in business (if you can call a multi-year process of accumulating losses business).
Be careful... the airlines might come after you for wishing their demise.

Mayberry said...

Sailing, now that's the way to travel! Gives you time to enjoy the trip instead of running around in a ragged hurry... Especially with today's ridiculous travel restrictions and "security", I'll never get on another airplane again. I think a train would be much more enjoyable... Personally, I'll just drive, while we still can.