Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Presiding Evil

A corporation is a legal person under our current set of rules governing the country.  This must end.  They must be restrained and brought to heel.

They will do anything to maintain their position of wealth and privilege, do not expect that any movement against them will not engender a response. 

If we are to break out of the trouble we are in, we have to break the corporations.  They are nothing but a set of separate tribes, sometimes warring, sometimes cooperating, but always intent on making the world into a place where they get more than their fair share. 

By acting as a tribe, with their primary loyalties nothing more than the lining of their shareholders and managements pockets, they are free from anything resembling moral resonsibility to the rest of the country. 

Think about it.  Corporations have to hire paid liars named PR companies to burnish up their lies and make them look like model citizens.  They have to have a battery of lawyers on hand because they know that their actions will fuck people over and they will have to defend their actions in court.

They have bribed our representatives and placed their men at the highest levels of government to do their bidding. 

Lets not play games with tea parties bitching to a government that is owned and operated by these.  The government is currently serving its masters. 

The masters just aren't "We the people".

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