Thank You Nancy Stetson

Nancy Stetson would be proud. When I was taking her classes in international politics, she would wax poetic about the bloody Thirty-years War and I would sit in my alcohol sodden, sullen pout and say to myself "yeah, yeah, lets get onto to modern warfare".

Now as I have gotten a little bit of experience under my belt, I am beginning to see this conflict for what it was; the crucible of our society. Nearly everything that is happening today is becoming more and more in focus as you look through the lens that is this period of time.
The modern phrase is Balkanization. The modern equivalent to the papacy is the corporate state and the faith in free trade. The west is France. China is Spain, and the rest of the world is Germany.

The whole thing should be interesting, things are falling apart. Granted it is slow motion, but rust never sleeps.


Mayberry said…
Ain't it amazing how we ALWAYS let history repeat it's self....
HermitJim said…
I hadn't thought of it in just that way, but you're right! Very interesting...!