Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Permanently tethered to the banal

It seems that a bunch of folks around here are permanently tethered to the banal.  It probably is the same way where you live.

The biggest obstacle to the society coming to grips is the deep seated desire found in the majority of the population that nothing is happening, nothing is different, can we just get back to the good times thank you.  That majority drives the decision making process in this country.

So we have a merry go-round of politicians who promise to fix our problems, to return everything to the place where all material wants are handled and all problems are massaged away.

This is where we get the lying pieces of shit we call leaders.  They are all lying to us, we know that, but we want the one that lies the best, because he lets us keep our lottery ticket fantasies and our dreams of salad shooters.

Consider for a moment the "anti-war" president Obama who just won the "Nobel Peace Prize".  Just sent 34,000 troops to Afghanistan at the tune of a million dollars a year per soldier/sailor/marine.  Now if that isn't cognative dissonance, I don't know what is.

I didn't expect anything much out of Obama.  I am not disappointed, just amused.  The poor sad sack has such a shitball choice of advisors and bureaucrats and military chiefs leading him around by the nose that the poor sod doesn't know which way is up.

The country will keep going this way until "we the people" grow up.  As long as we believe that someone is there in the government to save us and to make things better, we are nothing but grist for the mill of thieves that run the country.  They will spin the lies and the false dreams as long as we continue to buy them.

Until we are content with the real world and perhaps our own suffering in it, we will be saddled with someone else's solution.


Publius said...

Nice post. Obama has proven to be a mandarin... well educated.
My mom used to use the phrase, "educated idiot." That's what most of our leaders are.

The modern American sees suffering as a character flaw, something to be eradicated by any means necessary, drugs/medication if needed.
They'd better grow up fast, because if you can't abide by or learn from suffering, you won't like the world that is coming.

Mayberry said...

P-U-P-P-E-T. That spells Obama. People better wake up and grab the bull by the horns purty quick, or they're gonna be in a real bad way....

HermitJim said...

This whole administration makes no sense to me at all! Mr. O looks more dangerous every day...!