Monday, January 4, 2010

Boomers want to get gone

The biggest issue facing us in the next couple of years is that the boomers want to retire. Now you are probably saying to yourself, "what's the matter with that?"

Well, the way that I see it, us boomers got us into this mess with our greed and grasping, we should work through to the end and help us pull it out.

Second, they are heavily invested in the stock market and when that overpriced mess starts tanking, they will pull every little AARP sleazy trick to make sure the fedguv spends good money supporting the stock market so that they can loaf around with the proceeds from their 401-k.

Third, they will demand everything that they can lay their hands on from a social security system that is woefully underfunded. Medicare is going to be absolutely innundated.

So what we are looking at is that the generation that led the charge bankrupting the economy is going to try and retire and then bankrupt the country with their endless "needs" and "rights".

It will be interesting if anyone has the balls to say piss off.


Sixbears said...

The boomers in my age group -early 50's half don't believe there will retirement funds, but don't have a plan B. The current plan is to hope it all gets fixed by the time they are ready to retire. Never mind their 401's have tanked and they no longer have equity in their homes.

Sunfighter said...

I used to respect you, but I've heard you bad mouthing seniors before and deleted you from my bookmarks sometime ago.

I came across this post and all can say to you is piss off.

FUBAR vision of reality.

Mayberry said...

All I can say is that folks "paid" (had their money stolen) into a system, and they've every right to expect to get it back. There is no way to opt out of this Ponzi scheme, besides quit working. I blame the government, not the boomers, for creating this mess. Socialist Security is not voluntary....