Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't read it then

One of my buddies who is aware of my blog just gave me a ration of shit.  Apparently, he can't understand how I could think the way that I do.  After all didn't the powers that be create this marvelous society where a man can have a smokin' hot trophy wife and a Mcmansion and several SUV's.  What could be wrong with a society like that.

He went on to explain how the "po' folk" are just whining little losers who can't compete.  That the big boys like him are just better than the poor and the vanishing middle class.  Apparently my concern regarding an intrusive government is just a guilty conscience.  As for peak oil and the oil wars, we can take the Arab's oil and that will solve our problems.

So, one friend down.  Telling him to fuck off and then informing him that, in my opinion, his wife really isn't that good of a lay,  probably wasn't the civilized way to approach it.


shiloh1862 said...

Maybe not but I think the truth must be told...LOL


Publius said...

Good for you.
Do you really want friends like that?
I've found that when it gets to core beliefs and values, these trying times start to really smoke out the morons, scoundrels, sociopaths, and witless.

A friend like that will do you know good in the future!

His lack of empathy for his fellow humans is pretty clear.

Bustednuckles said...


Dorcas' Daddy said...

Like Barry Switzer said, "Some people are born on third base and think they hit a triple."

Motherfuckers from affluent backgrounds whose parents cleaned up their High School DUI, paid for their life until they were 25, gave them the downpayment on their first house, got em a job (and payed for school) and now the guy pushes paper for six figures and thinks he's a self-made man.

And it's not a panacea, but let's be honest boys, being a tall white guy doesn't hurt anything but your rap career.

The whole fucking nation is overrun with these guys. Even the 'good' guys, like Jesse (Cafe Americain) and Charles (Of Two Minds) talk about rentiers and welath extraction, then they give investment advice. AKA, how to make money sitting on your ass not being productive. Even the 'good guys' are lazy douches.

We're so fucked, and I'm not even sure I'm sorry.