Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Marvelous Poem

Next up: the wonderful Boomers Storm by D.M. Lambert
(Copyright 2010 by DM Lambert).
Boomers listen and do absorb,
you are the problem, you did gorge,
the debt you made, is now a rage,
to the piper, it must be paid.

You did worship, the god of mammon,
and like a fish, we're all now salmon,
following, a god of lies,
in histories grave, we soon will lie.

Don't you see, the horizons cloud,
moving faster, towards the crowd,
children crying, going hungry,
millions suffer, tents and sundry.

You said that we, could have it all,
debt to the sky, ahead of the fall,
But thats ok, they said to us,
you are fine, just us, do trust.

Now we're not Congress, no we're not,
debts to the moon, we go to pot,
they say to all, it'll be ok,
clouds do gather, not here today.

A hurricane gathers, around the land,
generation zero, does try to stand,
what it means, they just don't know,
they filled your minds, all full of glow.

You went to class, and they did too,
a criminal act, they said to you,
that debts can grow, unto the sky,
a trick they pulled, upon your minds.

Cycles of history, they do flow,
unto minds, of men, you know,
they deceive and they do fool,
we're in the mud, and left with gruel.

The good times of credit, do not last,
after the good, does come the fast,
its different this time, they did proclaim,
we knew better, but went insane.

We the boomers, created the fall,
boomers must change, one and all,
we must find, a life without sin,
of he who dies, with the most toys wins.

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