Saturday, February 27, 2010

What is it with Mel Gibson

You know, I have been reading blogs and this gloomy stuff for quite a bit now, and one thing is starting to strike me. The propensity of tin-foil hat type to see themselves in a Mel Gibson role. I was reading one of my favorite commentators today (I gave him money when he was here in Oregon) and I'll be damned if he didn't compare himself to Mel.

It is weird. Folks, survival and getting by in a hard world is not a spectator sport, it is not suitable for a hollywood megamovie. Handsome leading men are mostly makeup, and folks will make a lot more mistakes than they care to think about. It is the rare person who can tip the hangman.

My experiences tell me that grand heroic gestures get cut apart by the opponent the vast majority of the time. If you are serious about getting through situations you drop all that nobility crap and figure out the most efficient and risk-effective means possible. You stay low and keep your wits about you.

So, I am not telling you how to run your life, or how to set your self image, but I hope folks realize just how silly they look when they try to imitate hollywood.

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