Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of my big beefs about the prepper community is their almost elemental pig-headedness.  There really is no other way to define it.

To find someone in the community who is just trying to figure out how to get by in a world going through a spasm is difficult in the extreme.  Preppers have a tendency (approx. 67%) of being knuckle-dragging right wing morons.  They spout the catch-phrases of the past and imagine that somehow the world would magically improve if we would just go back to being blinded by the false ideas that led us here.  Now just to make sure that folks understand, I still like these guys, and would happily buy them a beer any old time, but their politics suck

Nayway, I really don't think highly of this group.  As a matter of fact, most of them should be rounded up under some obtuse law and shipped to Alabama.  But that won't get done, so I will have to deal with it.

But I think that this group is just as likely to shoot themselves in to foot as the "sheeple" that they so disdain.  The idea of superiority because you saw something coming is odd.  Hell, what counts is how you act when it gets here.

But the preppers are certain of their way.  They have the future mapped out and their plans laid.  They will follow these set plans, assured that their plans are blessed because they had the ability to see the storm coming.  Remember though, the storm arriving will just be the start of the process.  Most of these semi-sacred plans will fail, and you will be scrambling with the rest of the folks.

So, I think that I will keep and eye peeled for what's coming my way, keep my head low, and try to devise a system with flexibility and a big dose of compassion.


Mayberry said...

Quite honestly, I can't afford "compassion", at least not as the current definition goes. However, when SHTF I will be more than happy to share what I have with someone willing to WORK for it. The current crop of career welfare leeches need not apply. Carry yer own water, it's a Texas thang. Not having my own spread to hunker down on, I fully expect to bust my ass for my keep when I bug out...

russell1200 said...

The preppers you describe do not feel that he any stake in the current social setup/ power structure. Thus their barely concealed glee at the thought when they will be important and successful; success being relative to others of course.

NoHype said...

You hit it right on the head Degringolade. I couldn't have said it better myself. Run away from anyone who claims to know the future or has the "one" true answer. This is how cults begin, and the credulous are easy prey.

@ Mayberry: you should look up the definition of compassion. It does not require you to be gullible or to fall for sob stories. On the contrary, it assumes that one takes care of himself well enough to be of use to others, and that they do the same.

@ Russell: NOBODY feels they have any stake in the current social setup, save the 0.1% at the very "top" devouring our labor in ever greater quantities. Some of us are just more sanguine than others, and understand that the greed monsters lust over trinkets, baubles and ever-more-fleeting feelings of orgasmic bliss. True contentedness requires decades of intense and harrowing spiritual growth. It's too late for these guys. They'll never get there. And they know it. It's what makes them so dangerous.