Thursday, July 15, 2010


For a little while lately, I have tried to become active in politics to see if I could make a difference in the political process.  This may well have been a mistake.  The meeting and reading that I digested from both of the parties were both sobering and frightening.  These people really and truly have their heads stuffed firmly up their ass.  Both Democrat and Republican are filled with folks that would feel at home in the Spanish Inquisition, torturing and killing heretics who dare stray from the fold.

Some of you might consider me a coward, but I think that now might be the time to go nondescript. As much as possible, it might be in your personal best interests to lie very low, stay very quiet, and keep your eyes and ears wide open in order to see which way the wind is blowing.  Both parties are getting aggressive and vocal.  The Tea Partiers are even dicier.

One of the things that I learned about in the army is you have a considerably lower chance of being hurt by staying camoflaged and staying quiet.  So my foray into to telling other folks how to run their lives and minds (yes Virginia, that is the nature of political parties) may well have made others notice my existence.  It may not have been my best idea. 

No one can foretell which way the mess is going, but the storm clouds tell me we sure as hell aren’t going to like it when it gets here. I don’t think that the folks are standing up now and trying to take charge are going to lead us to the promised land any more than the entrenched powers that are trying to remain that way.

It seems to me that we are getting closer to where we will have to either take sides or get the hell out of the way. The sides that are showing up really don’t thrill me too god-awful much. It seems as though a lot of the groups opposing the "guvmint" are as silly and as venal as the powers that be that they so loathe. Trading in the current pack of liars and thieves for another, currently unannointed group of louts seems like a damned silly idea.

I think that we are looking at getting caught between two big machines, and if we are not careful, we could be nothing other than grist for the mill.

Until I see who to back (and I have a very uncomfortable feeling it is the lesser of two evils), I think that I will try to disappear.   I realize that writing here is probably a violation of that principal,  but, as I stated yesterday, it makes me happy, so I will take the risk.


Mahtomedi said...

You're not a coward and neither were the Jews who fled Europe or hid during the 30's. One has to be smart about leveraging their impact on the political scene.

Although, I'm really not afraid for my safety if there ever was social unrest in this country. The population has became so soft and docile during these many decades of 'plenty' that they really aren't capable of what we see and hear about in the third-world. We see mere children toting AK-47's in Africa and Asia on the news. I've personally seen guard towers with tripod mounted machine guns at rural gas stations in Honduras to prevent 'drive-offs'. Here, we're a bunch of pussies by the standards in many places.

This is good and bad. Bad, because the PTB can have their way with us. And good, because if ever a TSHTF event truly came to pass, my neighbor probably wouldn't have it in him to hack me to pieces with a machete so he could rape my wife and daughter.

We haven't reach the point of political assassinations yet, like many places, so we have a ways to go. If one can stay out of a tent-city and keep a full pantry they'll likely be safe. Oh, and also keep off of others' Political Enemies list!

Mayberry said...

'Gringo, watch thine own arse first! That being said, I will raise a ruckus on the 'net because I still can, and like you, it makes me happy. Maybe "keeps me sane" is the better way to put it. At least I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING, trapped in suburban hell and "marital bliss" as I am...