Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thriving in the Age of Collapse

Thriving in the Age of Collapse

I am a huge fan of Dmitry. In truth, he is one of the few people on the net that I have actually given money to. He is that good.

This is his best thought-out article.


BTW  Chapter Four is up

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NoHype said...

I, too, admire Mr. Orlov for the simple reason that he practices what he preaches. Like you, I've sent money to him (one of two -- the other is Mike Ruppert, simply because his exhaustive research deserves compensation).

He is pragmatic and sanguine in a field that is too often characterized by hysterical or orgasmic prognostications of doom. He doesn't pretend to know the future. He's willing to objectively observe the positive and negative human reactions to crisis.

I find him refreshing to read.