Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Live with the Consequences

As you are probably aware, I really see a descent into a sub-human apocalypse as a very long-odds type of affair.  It isn't impossible, but having to deal with mutant zombie bikers is a scenario best left to movies, as for the most part, it really doesn't play that well in Peoria.   For the sake of the argument, I see it as no greater than a 3-4% chance.

That being said, what is it I am prepping for?  Simply put, it is the breakdown of the US federal government.  You see, I think that the country and its riches are more than adequate for us plebes who live here.  Food can be grown, water is available, there is energy and industry and vision enough for the people.

What there isn't enough for is the rapacious and insatiable desires of the "military-industrial-congressional" complex that we were warned about back in '59.   The system we have generated here in the US is not a democracy, but an extraordinarily efficient means of tax farming.

This system has lasted this long because it has figured out the stealth taxes like social security, where they swear they will give it back to you later.  Needless to say, you know my take on when you get it back.  Even more, I'll allow you a guess as to where they will give it back to you.  Here is a hint: ()*()

Anyway, these regular taxes and the stealth taxes (which they spend as freely as the regular taxes) have allowed them to shove "Hush Money" into everyones pockets.  Now it is set up so that the whole structure is so intertwined that if you pull out one piece, the whole damn shooting match comes a tumblin' down.

Why do you thing the well-coiffured thug Nancy Pelosi did her little political whore magic on the defense spending bill for Afghanistan?  All the little bribes to the voters that keep electing these clowns is buried in the defense bill that allows this profitable little war going.

So, two birds were killed with one stone.  They made the "Defense Establishment" happy with ongoing profits.  They also bribed enough voters to get them re-elected.

Is this a great country or what?

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Mayberry said...

I will contend that there are already an alarming number of sub-human "zombie bikers" out there. They make kiddie porn, snuff films, torture animals, steal, destroy property, rape, and murder. And those are just the ones in CONgress, the prisons hold a lot more. Might want to up your odds just a hair. Furtunately, I think you're right about Peoria. That is, if the Chicago thugs don't finish the task of disarming Illinois...