Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dog Days

I know that this is a lame excuse, but summer is here and I would rather be doing something than writing about it.  Granted, after waking up at 4:00 AM and working all day, the something sometimes degenerates into a nap.

I am out looking for scrap lumber and/or old pallets for a compost heap.  I think that the easiest possible compost heap will be four pallets that I line with chicken wire on the inside and have my kids paint the outside.  If that isn't possible, I will have to see what I can scare up for scrap wood and make something myself.

Garden is growing slow this year.  Our weather has been cool and funky.  The tomatoes are green and still throwing flowers, the potatoes are happy and cruising along nicely.  Corn and beans were eaten by something.  I am seriously thinking about an anti-squirrel campaign with two boys and a BB gun.

So, when the weather starts going into fall, I will be more aware of writing, and if the muse takes me, you will get stuff when I put it out.  I think that leading a life is vastly more important that writing about it.

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Gather ye marbles said...

Wouldn’t composting and blogging at the same time be redundant? Haha. Regarding the squirrels, a solid solution is to maintain an outdoor cat (or multiple cats) in your yard. If you have feral cats in the neighborhood, court them with canned cat food and meat scraps until they start hanging around. The squirrels will then fear your domain. By doing this you’ll be re-enacting how (I expect) our early agrarian ancestors domesticated cats in the first place. Payment for services rendered. Of course the expense and hassle of this may be more trouble than it’s worth. Anyway enjoy the weather and the gardening. Tomatoes from your backyard vines are truly far better than the ones shipped to the supermarket on ships, trains and trucks.