Monday, August 16, 2010

Non-Standard Life

The boys and I hung around yesterday.  I went and got some peaches to freeze down and the eldest is going to make a cobbler for dinner.  Sorta cleaned the house and started to look at the living arrangements in a serious manner.  I think that things have to change.

We don't even live all that fancy.  But the price of this place has crept up over the past seven years, and it is looking to be leaving my price point soon.  So I spent this morning thinking about what it will take in terms of material goods to provide a non-standard life.

The answer is:  Not much

So much of my life is reflected in the odd doo-dads that fill up space.   But what they reflect is not good times or bad times, but rather, times of thoughtlessness and sloppiness.  Why do I have two or three chess sets?  My rubbermaid fetish has already been documented.  Why the hell do I need all the dishes that I have.   And don't even get me started about the clothes that I don't use.

I think that it is a time for a garage sale.  But the real issue is a commitment to not filling up the imaginary holes in my life with crap.


Mayberry said...

I am flabbergasted by all the junk in this house. My personal stuff (tools and all) will fit in a short bed pickup. The wife and kids' would take a whole moving van.

The only "trinkets" I'll go out of my way to keep are a beer stein my Grandpa brought back from Germany, his flag case and medals, a hat, also from Germany, loaded with pins from various places there, and a hand carved blue marlin my Dad made for me. The rest is just stuff....

russell1200 said...

My wife has the container fetish. But I more than make up for it with all my books.

If you ever read Stumbling on Happiness, it will go a long way toward explaining why you keep filling these holes, only to see them empty again so quickly.