Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is here

I spent yesterday in a funk.  Got a bottle of red wine and spent a couple of hours on the phone talking to family.  As usual, this helped.

I think that it is normal this time of year.  Yesterday was a great indian summer day, so part of you is out in the sun, soaking up every erg of sunshine and trying to see how much of your daily supply of vitamin D you can manufacture.  Part of you needs to get inside and start the preparations for the fall and winter.   So the day was spent doing a little of both.  Neither were accomplished to my complete satisfation.

I just noticed that it is time to restock the freezer.  Gotta get some burgers and some more pork.  Might do me some good to get more frozen vegetables and if I read this article correctly, I might need to stock away a couple of cans of coffee.  I also need to stock up on malt for the winter brews so necessary for football season.  

So this next week I will probably be posting the fall cheapskate recipes.  Gotta fuel boys and myself in the fall.  There are things to accomplish.

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