Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day

Getting into Labor Day is always a bit of a problem for me. Especially when I haven't really had a vacation that year. That is where I am right now.

But sometimes you just don't get no steenking vacation. This is one of the really sucky parts of life. A lotta folks, including yours truly, had better come to grips with this one. Unless you go camping and live just like you do at home, the idea of jetting off somewhere to live the high life for a week or so is probably going to go the wayside for the greater majority of those around us.

Oh, don't for a minute get me wrong here, I don't dislike vacations elsewhere. But unless you are pretty damn well off, you just probably won't be able to afford them. Cruises, motels, airline travel, all that kinda stuff are disposable in a pinch. It really is a luxury.

I don't think that folks are ready to drop these just yet, they have a bit of legs to them still. You see, folks still see themselves as needing rewards and down time. Vacations provide this. They also need to feel that they are worthy of pampering and feeling important. The service industry created around this mirage has provided young hotties their tips and restaurant kitchen cocaine and marijuana for years now. But the edifice is cracking.

This kind of stuff has always been disposable. It is a luxury appropriate to good times. We really aren't there anymore.

I will miss the room service.

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