Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan, Juan, Juan

I haven't listened to the news for years now.  Buncha crap.

But when I did, I had a little ritual, first BBC, then NPR, then Fox News, kinda let it all stew around in my head then tried to make a decision based on what each of them were trying hard not to say.  Took a bit of thought, but it was always worth it.

Juan Williams was a slimey little puke then, toeing the company line for decent amount of coin.  I guess that I was surprised when he got a job at Fox a couple years back.  But being the liberal lapdog (I guess the best comparison would be the little weasel David Brook's role as the "nice" conservative over at NPR)

So, now Little Juanie has been fired for saying that some folks make him nervous.  Now, NPR can't have anyone raining on its Kumbaya parade, so off he goes.  Rupert Murdoch, on the other hand, just had the biggest erection he has had in the past two years at the prospect of a hispanic saying odd things about Muslims.

Juanie also just got a nice fat raise from Fox.

Gee, I wonder if they planned this in advance?

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russell1200 said...

I don't watch much TV. But I do get radio news.

You would have to a little pliant or a little slow to be the token liberal and not shred the Fox people.

If you figure both sides have at least some good answers (or there wouldn't be any sides), he would have the whole pick of the left side. And with the right wingers trying so hard to out do each other, it should be relatively easy pickings.