Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Might Be the Theme Song

I have always liked the Supremes.  Great tunes.

I think that I will head over to the Cash and Carry and buy some meat and flour.  The freezer is getting a bit thin and the flour bin is getting empty.  I have a sneaking hunch that prices will be going up soon, so making hay while the sun shines might be a good idea.

I think that we are just hanging on.  The speed of a society is perceptible, but it moves slowly.  The frauds and self-deceptions on which we builded our lives and dreams are starting to come apart now.  The fraying of the fabric is becoming obvious.  Oh, the garment will hold together for a bit, but it is an old set of jeans that have been repaired a couple of times already.

I kind of think that we will be able to patch it up one more time.  But maybe not.

What we are running into now is the point in the garments life where a serious hole is going to rip out any day now.  Since we know we are going to have to fix it anyway, we are slacking a bit, trying to get one last use or two before we get busy patching it.

A lot of folks will see this as when the garment rips, the garment must be thrown away and we will go shopping naked until we find a new garment.  Sorry lads and lasses, doesn't work like that.

I guess that I am personalizing this garment analogy from my own experience.  My jeans always wear out in the crotch first.  So when are start seeing the strain lines, I know I am going to have to bring out the sewing machine soon, but usually I wait until they tear out and then go for it.

I just alway figure that if the seams in the jeans are looking rocky, I make sure that "going commando" is not done.  I always make sure that I have underwear on so that only mild embarrassment occurs.

Hence the trip to the cash and carry


Gather ye marbles said...

I heard some guy on the radio talking about how it was really hard for his band to come up with a name, because whatever name they thought of, they'd google it and find out some other band was already called that. Reading your post, I thought of two possible names for bands: "The Subprimes" and "Crotch Rot." Are those taken?

OSR said...

This post is very timely as my gf and I recently noticed that all my pants and boxers fail at exactly the same point: 1" to the right of the vertical crotch seam. I'm convinced that my crotch is actually emitting some kind of high frequency radiation. Thus, you may want to look into lead thongs and dosimeters for the bedroom, because it sounds like you're in the same boat.

As far as society's fabric is concerned, it has become discernible, but that's only if you're looking. Look how far the press has deteriorated in the last decade. Look how blatantly the government serves campaign contributors at our expense. The same holds with public education, every generation is dumber than the last. In 1974, they rode Nixon out of DC on a rail for lying about what amounted to a fraternity prank. In 2004, we reelected a man-child who started unprovoked wars in the Middle East, whitewashed 9/11, and unabashedly pimped himself to the petroleum/financial industries. We've been asleep at the switch for the last two decades, and it's time to pay the piper.

russell1200 said...

Society is ripped out at the crotch? Too many place to go with that.

IMO we were there in the late 1930s and the European WW2 spending spree - combined with the destruction and need to rebuild got us out of it.

But the usual result is not a collapse but just this slow drifting rot: similar to what Fer Fal notes at his blog.

IMO we will look back at this time period and say it started in around 1974 or 1983 and that we are in the collapse right now: we are the boiling frog.