Monday, October 25, 2010


I am getting sick of the morons in the economic blogosphere ranting about Keynesian this and Austrian that and how the other side doesn't understand that their side had the hand stamped imprimatur of god clearly marked on its product.

After a while, it becomes like the ridiculous arguments the early Christians about the physical nature of Christ.  The Monophysites said that Christ only had one nature, the divine.  The Chalcedonian position was that Christ had two natures, both human and divine.

At the end of the day, it was morons, talking loudly about things that they really couldn't understand, trying to prove to other morons that they were more wronger than the original moron.  At the end of the day, no one could say for sure, so we managed to come to the less confronatational "who knows" followed by the "God will sort it out for us later" reality.

Economics is increasingly becoming a pissing match that cannot be won.  The reason for this is that most folk see the things that they own and the money that they have as the touchstones of their lives.  Economics must be important because the physical items that it allows us to accumulate have become the most important thing in our lives.

That is the reason for the decline of our culture.  We have become a nation of consumers and rentiers income is the dream of all.  Freemen are passé.


russell1200 said...

A lot of economics comes with a political agenda, and/or cultural agenda. Thus the extreme adherence to a particular position.

It seems fairly self evident that all of the economic systems do a good job of saying something about the economy, and at the same time are lacking somewhere else.

Mayberry said...

Meh, screw 'em both. Me like caveman economics. Me have six squirrels. You have pile of firewood. Me suck at gathering firewood (I small). You suck at catching squirrels (you big). We trade, 3 squirrels for half wood. And when cavepolitician come to take, we knock him on head with club. Unga bunga...

Muddome said...

All the economic theories are just crap to keep everyone arguing while ignoring the root problems. The only way out of this mess is to get rid of private ownership of the central banks and do away with the fractional reserve system.