Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Residues of Truth

I keep scanning for information.  

There is no one that seems to have the whole thing nailed down.  Instead, there are innumerable (your faithful correspondent is within this set) writers trying to put out information to make sense of the storm times we are living through.   But there is no one clear prophet.  What one must do in read the many writers, smelting through the mass of information to purify a theme, a hint of truth that will allow a better chance of weathering the maelstrom.

Most of what we read is discarded as faeces of the purification.  Sometimes our hard work is not the philosophic mercury that we imagined, but instead a mass of dross showing a pleasing hue.

But we keep going, because it is most certainly better than the mass of lies that those other than ourselves wish us to believe. 


russell1200 said...

You have to know an awful lot about an awful lot of very diverse subjects even make a little sense of it.

Most people seem to latch onto a little portion of it and gnaw it too pieces.

I see a lot of pieces, but it is hard to know which ones are going to be the final determinates, which will be the triggers, and what will be the order.

For example, I (along with many many others) saw a financial crises coming with the housing bubble. But the order of events and which ones blew up (exchange traded bonds?!) has been a continual enlightenment.

Mayberry said...

If nothing else, it's good to stretch your brain...

raugustine1963 said...

Maybe it's best to find a few people who saw it coming and try to sift out the relevant facts to try and make a prediction of what is to come. I'm pretty sure the country is heading for a financial crisis, but what form it will take depends on who you listen to. Orlov, Schiff, Chris Martenson, and all the rest are predicting tough times ahead. In the end I think it's smart to try and be ready for whatever is coming.