Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So now the Republicans

They're back.

Nothing will change.

No one will address the core issues of industrial decline, overpopulation, or kleptocracy. 

Not in the cards.  The kabuki theatre will continue for a while, waiting for a dramatic turn.  Attacks on the dollar will continue, the inflation rate will go up because that is the only thing left to do. 

There aren't any good answers left.  The piper is at the door with his hand out.

Where's Herbert Hoover?


russell1200 said...

Right now the Federal Government is buying through Fannie and Freddy every mortgage out there.

If that goes away, there is going to be another houseing price collapse.

Thus another cycle of deflation is very much possible.

Most foreign governements still want to sell stuff to us. Therefore they are helping to prop up our currenct. If they no longer think it is worthwhile, then our currency would collapse.

When you have collapsing prices at home, but all you imports are going up in price (like oil) then you have a real mess.

Mayberry said...

The only answer is to let the leviathan Ponzi scheme collapse, then start fresh. Local. Sustainable. Smart. No more pie in the sky "American Dream" of wealth and luxury for all. Just simple life, with simple needs, and simple pleasures...