Friday, July 29, 2011

Job Creators


And folks are expected to buy this line of crap?

Folks, these are the same folks who disassembled out factories and shipped them to China.

Sometimes words fail me.


Anonymous said...

When words fail body language has to make up the difference. Glazed eyes and puzzled frowns, though, still don't convey enough sometimes.

Gather ye marbles said...

I like it when Jon Stewart mocks things that happen to be driving me insane. When the rich are called "job creators" (and also, "the job-creating class"), I can't believe the audacity of the Newspeak. Why don't we just call rich people "The Givers of All Good Things"? And then there's the catchphrase "a flatter, fairer tax," which first got rolled out in the Gingrich "Deal with America" days, and has made a big comeback recently. If everyone, from burger flippers to billionaires, pays 25% of their income as tax, that's "fair," right? Right???? Arrrrghhhg!!!!!