Friday, December 28, 2012

Venality of office

By this, I do not mean the venial nature of the people currently holding public office in America (though I think not enough can be written on that particular issue), but rather, the way that certain professions are held in this country.

Consider for a moment the medical professions.  Doctoring, Nursing, Medical Tech's, CNA's and such.  The schools that run them are extraordinarily profitable, the tuition to enter one prohibitive, and the desire of these guilds to keep supply low and wages high out of the realm of public discussion.

The medical profession as a whole is an endless stream of self adulation and self promotion, all being accomplished by guild-masters whose purpose seems to be the continuation and enhancement of the status, perquisites, and incomes of the guild.  Patient care is taken care of only after the doctors, nurses, techs, etc have been taken care of in a manner that makes them some of the best paid people in America.  We don't even have to bring up the vagaries of the pharmaceutical industry to reinfoce this point.

No, one of the big reasons that we have such an out of control medical cost structure is the featherbedding, overpricing, and insanely lucrative practices of the guilds that control the professions.

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