Friday, September 30, 2011

All the options are good?

We have done things in an less-than-elegant manner for over two hundred years now.  We have overspent and crashed more times than you can shake a stick at.  We have gone through gilded ages, robber barons, several stabs at central banks, slavery, a great depression, the roaring twenties, I won't even waste your time with a continuation of the enumeration of the very long list.

What is getting stale is the ranting of a bunch of paunchy middle aged men (myself at the forefront) bitching because the game is rigged.  When the rig was running toward their trough, all was right and fair and good.  But now the game has changed.  The delivery to the middle aged men trough has been diverted to the trough of a different and smaller set of middle aged men.

The deal is is that we now are starting to realize that there probably isn't enough to go around in sufficient quantities to make everyone rich.  Oh, don't get me wrong, this isn't common knowledge yet, but even the most rah-rah of those around us are starting to get a view that they don't particularly care for.

Any country is a series of trade-offs.  Security for liberty.  Equality for freedom.  The list is innumerable.  Current beliefs are exemplified by the ravening given full voice over at ZerohedgeMish, and their ilk.  These folks give a hard edge to the imperative of wealth and virtual power that drives their need for status.

We are in the coils of a situation that is solidifying more and more into a predicament.  We have a defined underclass who are becoming more and more marginalized.  The underclass is approaching 30% of the population and it would appear that the rate of growth for this group is accellerating.  We also have an extremely small rich class with 1% of the population owning over 40% of the wealth.

We are in a situation where there is no good choice.  Screw the rich to get some money in.  Screw the poor to stop some of the hemorrhaging.    The middle class won't get their dreams of a bourgeois retirement.  Our lives will be a lot smaller.  Living large will be a memory.

But really all that we are talking about here is the readjustment of our daily lives away from the fever dreams that characterized the last quarter century.  The solution will not please anyone.  Add to this the fact that no one knows what the workable solution will consist of.

So, in the end, all that can be done is to turn to those around you that you know and can trust.  You have to carve a place for yourself that will work and get you through the spasm that is most surely ahead.   A lot of of it will entail simple things.  Well stocked pantries, Working gardens, insulated houses, walking, and friends will be well met.

So, instead of spending two hours today with the blogos enumerating what is wrong (the list is getting rather unwieldy), only spend one hour and use the spare go out and do something useful to your real life.  I am going to go and get the garden bedded down for the winter.

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