Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maybe Y'all Should Read This


russell1200 said...

We have been invaded in the last 200 years. The British even burned Washington D.C. It should have said "almost" 200 years.

The big flash point with China is Tawain, and to a lesser extent the Chinese expansion of their blue water navy.

But China has hard choices to make. In a fight over Taiwan they would do much better building short range inshore capablities.

But in a resource fight that did not involve the U.S. Navy, but might involve India, they need blue water resources.

IMO, likely the biggest waste is our heavy armored assets that we built up for a central German plains fight with the Soviets. They are far too expensive logistically.

dennis said...

Ugly, I wonder what would have happened if instead of our invasion of the middle east we had decided it was time to help our neighbor to the south. Spend a trillion or two in Mexico, just for fun. Legalize drugs to squash the drug lords. Build roads, schools, know like we should be doing in our own damn country. No dead bodies, no international hard feelings. Just sayin, things could have been different.