Friday, October 21, 2011

At the risk of

You know, there are times that I am certain I am not paranoid enough.

I get /. sent to me in my mail every day, and these two gems came up today.

The panjandrums are setting the stage for clamping down to keep their perqs.  Keep your eyes open and stay careful.


russell1200 said...

Tennessee and Louisiana are mostly Republican:

That is why I find it amazing that people think it is the Democrats (the Commies) who are going to take all our freedoms away, when actually it is both of them: it’s just that each has its own preferred forms of coercion.

Oldfool said...

Some laws are just made to be broken.

Gather ye marbles said...

Regarding the Tennessee "anti-terror" program: My first thought is, maybe they're branding their usual activities as "anti-terror" because they have Fed "anti-terror" dollars burning holes in their pockets, and it's spend 'em or lose 'em. I could be wrong.

Regarding the Louisiana ban on cash transactions: wow, I'm usually not too paranoid (am I?), but that one makes me nervous. Will they start busting people at garage sales . . . ? Hope there's some serious resistance to that, there should be.

tweell said...

Strange, my bills say legal tender for all debts, public or private. Is Louisiana saying that isn't so? Do the feds need to change that little sentence?