Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to work

Finally got rid of the crud.  Three days of lolling around and sleeping 12-14 hours a day does do the trick.  

I think that I will post today about the on-the-job dangers of a prophet, whether self appointed or otherwise.  One of my favorites is Dave Cohen over at Decline of the Empire.  Now, Dave is having a spot of trouble seeing what the hell is the use of an ongoing blog.

Hell, been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

In the end, this piece of work is a way for me to set down thoughts.  The posts aren't a way to guide the planet out of it's seemingly inexorable downhill slide, they are a way to document the choices that are seeming to be made for possible use later.  I see this more like a scientists laboratory notebook than the Book of Daniel.

So, all my friends out there, and if you have been reading this for as long as some of you have, you are my friends, keep centered on what you are doing.  Saving the world with a blog just ain't gonna happen.

But you might save yourself.  If the blog starts weighing you down, dump it.  Your friends will understand.  In a way, reading other peoples blogs is kinda like being a bartender, sometimes your best customers are the ones who shouldn't be there in the first place.


russell1200 said...

DofE can write some interesting posts. But if you comment in anyway that does not completely agree with all of his points he will view you as attacking him and send you a very nasty e-mail pretty much to that point.

Since blogs to me are at least in part a conversation, I am not interested in following a blog where you cannot make comments, or where polite arguements are attacked. Some of my most frequent commentors argue with me (politely) all the time. I argue back sometimes, or (frequently) concede their point. At the very least, defending your views should deepen your understanding of the subject.

And now to argue with you - LOL. I can see some parrallels to what you say and Mr. Cohen's crying post. But having seen his private corespondence, I can assure you that he is not being as "honest" - for lack of a better word - in his complaints as you are.

Which is one way of saying - he is a jerk, and you are not.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Mine picks me up, and relieves stress, so I'll keep peckin' until it doesn't. Or they shut me down...