Friday, January 27, 2012

Comments on the Archdruid

I'm back to being feeling well.  One last night of too much sleep and I hope that I am good to go.  Tonight is taxes and grumbling.  The youngest needs to get picked up from weight lifting and I have to mend some fences and give him a pep-talk reference the grades-related reaming he got last evening.

Since I am an Archdruid Acolyte, I will begin to occasionally make comments upon the writings found there.  Today the comments are on the post "Myth of Machine".  Needless to say, I will also post to the Archdruid in his comment section, but as I will post here first so that I won't have to write a post that day.

I think perhaps that the one exception to the I-it relationship that the Archdruid discussed in his post this week would have to be the personal computer and the internet.

I have always had a problematic relationship with the personal auto.  I have one and see it more as a ball and chain than an asset.  As soon as I complete the "running children around" stage of my life, I will make the attempt to divest myself of the damn thing.  TV is available in my house.  There is a 2x4 with bent hangers on the south wall that allows me access to over-the-air TV.  I will be keeping this in the near future as it is how I watch football during season.

Both of these machines make a minimal impact on my life.  I can see them going away and have no problem with the vision.  

The beastie that I am pounding on at this moment is another matter.  Computers can be dizzyingly interactive  Especially when text is involved.  Ideas can flash back and forth across the ether, blazing across the world in days .

There is the rather petty observation that most of the bandwidth is consumed by pornography and commercial bullshit.  A great deal of the remaining is ideas, written down in words, able to be picked up and mixed around in ones head with the result being a more coherent and true look at the world.

So here is to our little corner of tin-foil hat land.  A lot of the ideas here are probably not all of that correct.  But hopefully they will start us down the path of constructing some built to last.


russell1200 said...

I do like my pickup truck, but I don't baby it. It is a work truck.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Sharing of ideas leads to thought, and thought leads to learning, so that's a good thing... And I gotta side with Russell, I love my truck (while beating the shit out of it).