Friday, January 6, 2012

Just the way I am feeling lately.

Just the way I am feeling lately.

I'm certain that there is something out there that I could dump bile upon, but the idea just doesn't strike me as useful.  The world seems to be a a stream of consciousness thing for the moment.  Describing it would be like re-writing "Finnegans Wake".

I can't seem to sort out the streams that are merging in the world.  There is something happening that is the sum of the parts that are out there, but the parts are hopelessly con-fused into a whole which is both dangerous and unpredictable.

I would say to prep, but for what?   The self-centered nihilism of a spoiled society denied its toys?  Naw.

So I will try to teach my children well.  It may come to naught, but at least they might be able to make out the shape of the world that they will live in.

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