Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nicely Done

When one of the big boys of Blogoland come out with something like this, maybe, just maybe there will begin a heightened discussion of the issue.

There are just too damn many of us.  I would suggest that this is the root problem.  You are starting to see it here in the good ol' USA.  When you traven to China, your eyes go wide open.  When you go to India the fact screams at you.

The farm lobby has been filling our eyes and ears and mouths with the "miracle" of their productivity increases,  but in truth, all they have been doing is a relentless centralization of methodology and distribution of crops grown essentially by seeing how much in the way of fossil fuel inputs can be forced upon the land.

The peaking of oil, the increase in use by China and the developing countries, the exportland phenomenon and other such niceties point to a remarkably changed future.  Access to food will become a serious issue.  In the heavily overpopulated counties, famine will again become a familiar visitor.  In the developed world, there will probably be a serious effort at restructuring the incredibly inefficient food systems that currently feed us.

I really don't see famine happening here in the US.  What I do see is a breakup of the processed food industry that sucks so much of the food and energy that we need for elsewhere.  I think that I will be taking a look at the energy input into that bag of Fritos that we all so dearly love. 

I will probably write some more on this later.  Work calls.  Gotta get out the door and earn my nickels.

To be continued.......

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